McCourt Computer Services is a family-run computer services company in Granby, MA in business since 1997.


What Do You Want To Learn Today?


Marie McCourt has over twenty years experience with PC’s and software of all types.  Marie is a Certified Master Computer PC Essentials User, as certified by Brainbench*.  We consult in all areas of computer needs including, but not limited to:   Computer Training, Internet Training, and Basic Desktop Publishing.  We will also repair and/or upgrade your existing computer or build you a new one that will suit your unique needs

Why are we different?

We come to your home or office — we’ll even set up your new computer for you (whether you buy it from us or not) and teach you to get the most enjoyment from your PC.  When it is a new computer you want, we sit down with you and help you decide what you need, and we are determined to stay within your budget.  We will never over-sell you... in fact, most of the time, we'll save you money!

Need help setting up your computer?

We’ll come to you! We take the fear out of setting up your computer — from plugging it up to getting you comfortable within your work area—we will get you up and running, and help you feel confident with your PC

Having a pesky problem and need it fixed before it drives you nuts?

Not only do we have over 20 years of experience USING computers, we are fully trained hardware technicians and we will help you get your problem fixed, or point you in the right direction. We will save you time and money!

Want a Personal or Business Web page?  Call us now! Reasonable rates

We’ll either work on creating one for you, or we’ll teach you how to create one, and which software to use. We can also take you through the process of setting up a domain and having your own URL (!


What can we teach?

  • Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista

  • Word Processing

  • Basic Spreadsheets/Databases

  • Internet/Email

  • Basic Web Page Design

  • MS Publisher and other design programs

  • Photo Editing/ Digital Camera use

  • Computer Maintenance

And much more…



Special discounts for Senior Citizens


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Please - contact us
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Tel:  (413) 207-1075 
Fax:  (413) 642-0183

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*Brainbench, the leader in online skills certification, is head-quartered in Chantilly, Virginia.  Brainbench was founded in January 1998. Their mission was to become the world's most respected online skills testing and certification authority.  Brainbench provides online certification and assessment of more than 350 different skills that drive business success today. All of our skills assessments are web-based, eliminating configuration management and geographical issues from the start, thus decreasing costs and doing business effectively and efficiently.

Companies rely on Brainbench to find the right candidates, assess in-house skills, and reach larger recruitment audiences.


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